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DIY Kitchen Vol5 – Kitchen Hacks!

by daniela on April 24, 2014

  • Try these methods to save kitchen space!

    Build rolling shelves under sink! Hire a carpenter or build it yourself with directions here

    Make the most of your cabinet space with rolling shelves.


    Use magazine racks for storage inside

    Command strips are basically the easiest and best route for attaching storage to the inside of your cabinets.


    Hooks are also great for hanging inside cabinets

    The insides of cabinets are also great places to put hooks for rags, gloves, and pot holders.

    Pour dog/cat food easier in cereal containers

    Keep dog or cat food in a cereal container.

    Use curtain rods to hold pot lids. Instructions here

    Use a small curtain rod to store lids for easy access.

    Source: Buzz Feed


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