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DIY Kitchen – Simplify Your Kitchen Vol4

by daniela on April 21, 2014

  • Need ways to simplify your counter spaces? Try these!

    Store kitchen utensils in old trophies

    Store utensils in vintage trophies.

    Use the tip of salt containers to make spouts for jars. Directions here

    Use the top of a salt container to make spouts for your jars.

    Never have to look around for cookie cutters again. Hold them with a towel dispenser.

    Keep cookie cutters in place with a paper towel dispenser.

    Store knives in bamboo sticks

    Store knives safely in bamboo skewers.

    Put a magnet inside metal containers to stick them on the fridge. Directions here

    Put a magnet inside a metal tea canister to stick it to the fridge.

    Source: Buzz Feed

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