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DIY Garden: Gardening Tricks Pt3

by daniela on April 21, 2014

  • Try these methods  for easier gardening!

    Keep your plants alive while on vacation. Shove a wet piece of paper towel into the soil and place the other end in a glass of water.

    Keep your plants from dying when you're away* with this paper towel trick.

    Make seed tapes out of toilet papers. Directions here

    Use toilet paper to make seed tape.

    Use leftover coffee grounds for soil nutrients and insect repellent. Read more here And use leftover coffee grounds to enrich your soil and repel critters.

    Keep soil from leaking your pot with coffee filters

    Keep soil from leaking out of your pots' drainage holes with coffee filters.

    Revive gardening tools with car wax

    Use car wax to lube uncooperative tools like gardening shears.

    Use baking soda to make home grown tomatoes sweeter

    Baking soda can make home-grown tomatoes taste less tart.

    Source: Buzz Feed


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